Friday, March 05, 2010

Carl Munson and the Pocket Calculator

I thought he might play something from Talking Book but it turns out that the selected tune ahead of Analog2digital is Pocket Calculator by Kraftwerk

The New Exeter Radio show closed with this. Wheely Saying Something went with Talking Book but I'm not sure which track.

Kraftwerk is a good choice for the video approach. In this case nothing gets in the way of the stage and the cameras are each working ok. However in the Phoenix bar with the sort of kit I use there could be duff bits of tape or the staff walking about with plates of food. Now, don't get me wrong. Food in a bar is a good thing and a few glitches in a video is not a disaster. But if you happen to have the background video as well as the performance it may be easier to cover up the gaps. From previous discussions about this it has been suggested that layered video is a more positive description. So some editors could do this. I'm still looking at ways to cover up bodges.

More later on the New Exeter Radio Show. Conversation continues.

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