Monday, February 26, 2007

More on Flickr

I have loaded some photos from the weekend. Reverse order helps the slideshow so this is now routine.

tag is "southpool", actually on the way back from Southpool so the North is home in this case.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

IT Games on North Street waiting on Wii stock

Maybe it was the tennis in the Phoenix auditorium last weekend. There is no wii stock at IT Games. Apparently there may be a few in sometime but no proper supply till nearer to April.

Flickr animation tip

Well it is new for me anyway. Load the photos in reverse order. It starts with the last one for some reason.

I was inspired by the dropin session at Spacex to try some more at home, using one of the apples given away by Tim Brennan during the walk.

It works ok. Link to Flickr, please launch slideshow then speed it up.

Friday, February 23, 2007

extract from animation

This is a short extract of an animation that could be available online later.

Connects with previous photo. Also I am trying out this site for editing options linked to Adobe.

Rocks could be used as planets

Recent photo from Spacex where animation follows on from Tim Brennan's take on theNORTH. These were painted last week based on rocks. They could also be used as planets. Some animation may turn up online, see previous posts for previous links to other workshops.

90 degrees could be on the demoscene imho

So far almost no connection with the demoscene during Animated Exeter.

The Festaval favourites at the Picture House included "90 degrees". I noted down but this seems not to exist. Handwriting in the dark not very reliable. Could we have more web links on the handout please?

However, it turns up on YouTube. search on "supinfocom" finds several pages so more later.

This animation would work ok at a demo party I think. Maybe there are many people who already know this but my impression so far is of two sepearated worlds.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

at last, an animated penguin

click here for animated penguin

Pirate University in Plymouth

This is where the open source support may be found. Suggest you try things out online, get stuck, then ask them for help on the day.

open source software is not always easy to find

Finding out more about the i-dat software. I found some help on Macs at the Phoenix. However the only zip file that unloaded ok was a video edit from thugs at bay. I could not actually use it but found a really neat video through their website.

There will be more help about open source sometime soon.

Maybe it is just me and a Mac that seems difficult. You drag a used zip file towards the dustbin then it changes shape and moves away from you.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More about v-mob

V-MOB is "video workshops for mobile phones". The website includes some examples and some downloads. Intended for people attending workshops but the software is open source so presuamably anyone can attempt to get it to work. Seems best suited to Mac so I may try to get help at the Phoenix. (It appears there is a Windows version but the word MAC turned up in the zip file I found once it unfolded so I stopped there.)

Rescue seems to me the short film with the most sense of movement or journey in it.

Similar info at another site on Digital Workshops. Links to stop frame site where the latest work is a version of a computer game.

This may seem a long way from Tim Brennan and the watercolour tradition. But the move to digital may be just a way of opening things up. Stop frame is still in there somehow.

v-mob from Respect in Plymouth

This turns up on YouTube. Mobile phones, probably filmed on one as well if that is the right word. So far no sign of any video from Spacex animation but it is clearly a possibility.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Seagull link found

Searching on "seagull" and "ogles" has found this link.
Massive file by the way, well 20 meg or so. Think before you click.

Failed to load at home but works ok at LifeBytes. Quicktime on Windows is an option, you don't have to be a Mac person.

It may be part of a podcast from Imagine Magazine. Looked like XML or something.

More on Imagine website. I hope to find out how this works. There are some Mac fans at the Phoenix. It is a vodcast, not a podcast, as it includes video.

I think this animation has some film in the background. May not be from a mobile phone but there is a sense of mobility.

Jodi recreates gallery effect in blog format

I was trying to check out previous events at Spacex and found a blog for Jodi. A couple of years ago Jodi came up with what I think was a rendition of computers as anti-functional. Based on Apple kit it was a world in which nothing worked as expected. There was a computer set up to browse the web but no actual connection. this was explained to me when I complained.

The blog is much the same. Very disappointing as there is no content, just error messages. i suppose this is art, at least it is consistent.

Why not have a gallery event with computers and web access that functions? I will suggest this to people at LifeBytes. Maybe LifeBytes is a gallery already but anything that works there could be moved around..

Example of animation online

One of the animations shown yesterday is also online. "Gone Fishing" is a music video for a track by Second Person. The animation was also used as part of live performance, online at Fabchannel.

Fabchannel obviously has got at least two cameras and a lighting specialist. Still I don't see why Exeter Televison could not get the same sort of result at the Phoenix for example, where it is claimed that sound mixing is reaching a new level.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Detail from Museum Poster

The 'Inspire' exhibition on Queen Street has many pictures from the basement and recent work from schools. There is still time till the 24th to see the Tim Brennan photographs at Spacex. The landscape painting tradition is in the museum.

more definition for a topic

I am starting to promote the next 'meet the blogger' occasion, Friday evening at LifeBytes and have come up with a fairly clear sentence or two-

"There will be another chance for real time discussion around a blog on
Animated Exeter. The meeting will be at Life Bytes on Sidwell Street
in Exeter on the evening of Friday the 23rd Feb between 5.30 and 6.30.

Topics will include all possible links between digital culture and
analog reality such as the Spacex / Tim Brennan exhibition of inkjet
in a watercolour style. Arguably this 'reality' is actually in denial
about the current potential of technology to distribute images in ways
that are easy to access."

So this is getting closer to raising some issues. Comment welcome.

just time for two more

large collection of archive items on a table. it games are on North Street. More later

Big screen for Games at Phoenix

The Phoenix had a really big screen for playing tennis on a Wii or two. Worked well. So presumably any computer source could work, such as demoscene or anything online.

More later, films start soon.

New photos on Flickr

I have done some photos for an extended manouver in Exeter from Spacex to LifeBytes and back.

It could have a theme of analog and digital in a blend but at the moment it is just digital on Flickr.

Other photos welcome. Tag "xm0702" as in Exeter manouver o7 Feb. Unique at the moment.

The slideshow is in opposite direction to the view direction. Should have loaded the last one first. So there will be other versions.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

links lead to actual Quicktime

Just had a look at the site for the Animators. last year's show at Spacex.

There is still a lot happening and the latest event leads to a website for Run Wrake where there is actual video to watch of recent work. Much better than stills or a 30 second sample in my opinion. Maybe this is the way more animation will be displayed.

Of course it is better in a gallery, or anywhere with a big screen.

Friday, February 16, 2007

but is it animation?

blog links to video

a question on public access to higher res images

Just starting to check out animation festivals on the web. Already one thing strikes me as a question. Why is it that a site like Spike and Mike that has a cafe press spinoff set up and most do not? Just as an idea I have in mind some funded public organisation with loads of images, some as paintings stored in a basement. They have had lottery funding to do some scanning but only low res versions are ever found on the web. There is no viable business case for making them more available as it seems. So something like cafe press would be very useful for organisations that find it difficult to package up a CD or whatever. Not getting at anyone. Just a question. Why do public bodies not put more high res images on the web?

name explanation

Some people have been asking about possible confusion between "animx", a digital fringe based in Exeter, and "animex" an animation festival based in Teeside.

The Exeter digital bit used to be known as "animex" and changed to avoid confusion. In Google any unique combination of words will do. Recent search shows that animx and animex get different results.

There are many more sites that turn up, by the way. Online uniqueness is not really as possible as is often imagined in other forms of reality.

It may be that many people involved in Animated Exeter are familiar with Teeside and other animation events. So a connection with an online aspect may happen just as easily somewhere else or as part of a general process.

So I will try to find out an email address for other events and see if any exchange is possible. The animz website changes very slowly so there is a year round possibility.

Draft story for OhmyNews will probably take more shape during next week.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

link found to New Canvas

Now found a link to New Canvas, previously reported missing.

This was a collection of films from early computer animation. Should be on YouTube complete, in my opinion.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

That reminds me about Apple

Exeter has loads of posters trying to suggest that all creatives should be Mac people as the PC crowd just work in offices and are rather boring. I don't understand the way they use the term "PC" as if it only includes Windows. I always thought that a "Personal Computer" could be anything, including Apple. The photo is a detail of a PowerPC so what was that about?

An apple from Tim Brennan not wearing well

This apple was one of many distributed during the manouver the weekend before last. I had thought about keeping it till the end of Animated Exeter but it is showing signs of stess. Maybe it should be eaten soon.

Also I can't remember what the reading was around the apples. I will visit Spacex again and find out if anyone has some clues.

Monday, February 12, 2007

shortcuts at LifeBytes

There are now shortcuts on FullyAutomatix desktop at LifeBytes for Digital Harmony and Arabesque.

Sidwell Street opposite the Odeon

See previous post for links if you are nowhere near Exeter.

Demoscene TV

Just a reminder that for those who don't often download a zip and move dll files around a fairly easy way to access the demoscene is a dedicated TV site.

You may need one downlaod to expand your browser.

Meanwhile I am looking into a DVD download that may be easier to show off at the Phoenix.
Two Rar files already, only 38 to go.
Then what?

Links to digital art from Devon

V Art 1

V Art 2

Here are links to two examples of virtual art from Paul Gillard, a Devon artist who sometimes visits Exeter.

Requires Quicktime and maybe a wait while it arrives. Move the cursor about to begin.

What strikes me is that this is intended to be seen on a screen. There is a complete digital process from creation to distribution and viewing. You could take a snapshot and print it but this would not be an original unless it took on a new life.

Couple of Quicktime samples from the official site

There is an official site and they offer a couple of samples of about 30sec each.

Page for Arabesque from '70s . Digital Harmony from '80s.

I think these are close to demoscene. Comment welcome, not sure how to d3escribe this.

There is a possibility of an archive. I think this should be digital and online. Seems crazy to me that this is not complete and widely available.

John Whitney link

Here is the only John Whitney aniamation I can find on YouTube or Google video
From the IBM pavilion at the Brussels World Fair in 1958

Creative Collective at the Globe

This is a digital projector as used at the Globe for a showing of short films from the Creative Collective based at the Phoenix. It was all based on tape, but could have had a direct feed from a computer. Not animation as such but there is now a lot of overlap on how video is created.

I hope to find more content from the demoscene and work out how to transfer to DVD.

Meet the blogger day at LifeBytes

Photo shows David Gedrych reading a Turner book I took to Life Bytes yesterday. David is there most days. For me it turned out to be like allowing too much comment on a blog, I hardly started on what I thought about raising. Still, connections with Spacex now more likely as there was some talk about flat images. the idea of taking digital images from a phone and putting them on a wall did not make much sense for the people present but I still see a connection.

More later. It is possible there will be courses on 3D.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

More tests on Flickr

Interesting talk today from Peter Davidson.

Apparently at one time a mirror had the advantage of making sure there was an oval frame. I have tried this on some photos now loaded on Flickr.

They were taken by Gary Trembling a couple of years ago. I don't think he will mind.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Wifi confirmed at Phoenix

Photos demonstrate that wifi is working in the Phoenix bar. Website for Animated Exeter is working ok. Some exhibitions have started already. Test kit courtesy of Jonathan Dawson who can independently confirm that these are genuine photographs.

Third photo detail from second.

Friday, February 02, 2007


The walk with Tim Brennan was interesting today. More later.

Photos were allowed. I have done a PDF slide show (about 6 meg) and also some on Flickr. You can choose a slideshow on Flickr so this is close to animation if you don't wanr to download the PDF.

Suggested tags animx07 and thewest