Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MySpace can go off topic

Making new friends to check I havn't loaded too much that maybe should be deleted. Then found this

Snooky Gig 8th March 2008 - Marnie - Wuthering Heights

Marnie was at Sidmouth during folk week a couple of years ago but this is not really folk music. She will be at the Black Horse late in July so this is on the edge. this blog is really just about content. Animation in the winter but live music beckons.

Analogue to Digital - YouTube Links

Please add comments to sort out some info - song titles for example?























When "visual music" is understood sometime the link to animation and this blog will be clearer. Meanwhile the Sound Gallery publicity machine is in welcome mode re YouTube so this is a positive dynamic. Yes the lighting is terrible, the camera is not the best available - Fuji FinePix S5700, meant for stills not sound recording - but at least this is an indication of what could be possible next time. There are a couple of tapes with a better camera from during the day but editing will take a while.

Suggested tag for other material - A2D09 - future edit for Exeter TV suggest leave copies at sound Gallery, basement of Phoenix.

Sound not that good for Ellie Williams so here is a link, even though the lighting is still an issue. Somone at the Phoenix should have a think about this.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Analogue to Digital - Music aspect

During Vibraphonic the sound Gallery organised a Music Expo to concentrate on Analohue to Digital, workshops and trade show. The animation issues were present as well with some new idents from LifeBytes for example. I took some photos and video some of which will take time to edit. the Prize Draw is the first group of photos to be posted as this is of interest for the organisers. They managed to persuade several companies to contribute prizes so evidence is useful for the scale on which they were valued. It seemed to me to be an excellent form of ceremony. Many prizes and more or less at random. Photos on Flickr, one sample-,

Also short videos, more to follow. Editing and uploading takes a while. Exeter TV may do an edited version of all the video in one extended piece. Meanwhile clips will appear just as chunks. These three are as recorded-

The tape yet to be edited includes a performance by Robert Brian, acoustic contrast with the digital. So here is another link from TouTube

Unfortunately the lighting is not very good. We complain a lot about the lighting in the Phoenix. Never that good for video even with a decent camera. So here is another video properly recorded from long ago. My idea about video blogging is now that most events take a long while to be reported but eventually there will probably be multiple sources. Meanwhile somewhere else with similar content works just as well.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Flickr Links

Now started to describe photos on Flickr. Two sets, one from Transitions in Exeter, one a walk to find Bargehouse in London.

Video also, scenic route.

Theory and examples please around found art

I am trying to find out more about the modern art approach to found objects, such as piles of wood offcuts or collections of old records. I half listened to a Radio 4 broadcast about rubbish, as linked on Flickr. Not sure if I posted about this before.

A while ago Cory Archangel had a video at Spacex made up of screen shots taken from YouTube. This is ok but what is the art take on images already on YouTube or Flickr for that matter. Could be stills of selected wood from a gallery or more likely as found anyway. The nature of display and distribution may change with the Web, like news and music. If we are invited to play in a gallery and treat it as a community hall the online equivalent is to mash up content. Where are the artists and galleries who are doing this?

I did get permission to photograph the Transition show at Exeter Artspace in the Castle. Simon Egan told me the soundtrack to Fraud will be on the Internet archive, but I cannot find it yet.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


Originally uploaded by atezrm
Found this through searching on "skull, skulls, folk, art" in Flickr and then adding a "creative commons" filter. Do the same and you should find 41 or so,

So let this be clear. This post is about folk art. Happens to connect with the current celebration of error at Spacex. but no image rights have been infringed.

As it happens I think this is consistent with what Laura Kikauka was saying at the talk on Saturday. She is not much interested in the web but is not too worried about related spinoffs..


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dmitry Trubin sample

With permission, here is a sample from an exhibition at istorm.

Here is the text of the email it came with

The istorm modern gallery on Exeter Quay is to show the work of
Dmitry Trubin , a Russian artist that has had more than 60 exhibitions around the world.

Dmitry lives in Northern Russia and was a sailor before devoting himself to becoming an artist. He works in different areas of fine art including oils, graphics and mixed media .

His etchings are in a permanent collection at the Pushkin museum in Moscow and his work featured in the very successful “ From Russia” exhibition in the Royal Academy of Art in London in 2007.

His work is shown around the world in many museums and in private collections in Russia, Great Britain , Europe and North America.

In 2008 Dmitry participated in the Charitable Art Exhibition in aid of St Petersburg Hospice in Pushkin House , London.

The show runs from Saturday 7th March until Saturday 4th April .

Click on the image for a larger version. This is encouraging for the idea that useful content can be freely available. I can't see how this would discourage people from visiting the actual gallery.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Checking out Twinity Berlin for galleries

In theory Laura Kikauka may be in Berlin as in Twinity. Some galleries have a version in the Twinity virtual world. My guess is that this changes how people think about them. Earlier today I visited the C/O gallery but there was nobody there.

Posted this on the Facebook page for Twinity-

Has Laura Kikauka been seen in Twinity Berlin or is there any connection with her work? She will be at Spacex in Exeter later this month. I am interested in how Twinity changes the nature of galleries. Content is available online and people can mingle with it. Can this change how the other galleries operate?

There may be no connection bugt this is worth exploring as well as Exeter.

photos from Exeter Castle - Exeter Artspace

Transition video found

Found this

Find more videos like this on artreview.com

follow links from Transition

photo token for museum postcard

This is an attempt to get a similar view to a postcard from the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery. "Near the Quay, Exeter" by John White Abbott is not easy to copy unless you can use the select tool to move things around.

As far as I know Exeter City Council do not offer much artwork in high resolution. Some other museums have a different policy. Something to explore. Other links to photos welcome. Larger sizes on Flickr.

"Visual Music" includes stills

The animX blog may appear to go off topic for a while. The main conclusion from the time of Animated Exeter is that "Visual Music" is an alternative description for what I previously thought of as "New Canvas" following the talks by Greg Kurcewitz. However web searches indicate this can include still images such as painting. So the scope will later be specific to visual music that is digital, animated and roughly from the 60s and 70s. Of course the demoscenme is visual music as well, this will be clarified later.

Meanwhile during Vibraphonic as well as music there are images. Laura Kikauka will be celebrating failure at Spacex. The Castle is now home to Exeter Artspaces for Transition, sound and multimedia installations.

One interesting aspect of this is how the content is available online, either direct for the public or through forms of journalism. The music scene seems to have accepted that content will be sampled, copied, mistreated in various ways but some sort of business model continues. Video is also adjusting through YouTube and other sites. Not so sure about galleries, something to discuss over the next few weeks.

Searching Youtube on "Laura Kikauka" finds two, one about music and this one-

Questions arising

How do galleries and artists think about content? How controlled is distribution? Is the audience invited to make derivative work?

Also, what changes with a virtual world such as Twinity Berlin? Images and video can be shown and stills and video can be recorded. So far I have asked permission for this but people seem to think it a strage question. There are Berlin galleries with spaces on Twinity.

So far I have thought about the possibility of a wallpaper, cluttered and decorative, arguably inspired by Spacex. I do not think the Twinity model could cope with much detail for a lot of objects. At Life Bytes in Exeter I am told that Poser might be better for detail so something may turn up later.

By the way, no email reply as yet from Richard DeDomenici. I am thinking of putting the unanswered emails into a book. Thinking about claims of how plagiarism comes about I am currently thinking that coincidence is often a likely explanation. Work on the best available computers in the '60s compares with work on personal computers in the '80s. To be continued.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

animation for music video

Thinking about Vibraphonic as another phase of animation. Not sure how this works, but found this on YouTube. More suggestions please.