Friday, February 08, 2013

Prototype of step by step instruction for YouTube Remix option

I got behind with the OLDS MOOC last week and am finding ways to catch up. I still want to follow up on the project for social video production. I am finding it hard to think about design phases without getting feedback on how learning works out. Also I get some comment from the Wild Show and people around Phonic FM. there is some interest in video and in this Remix option on YouTube.

So eventually there could be an animation video with a very detailed description of how to select the Creative Commons option on YouTube. This is just a set of screenshots to show the outline and ask a few people if it is enough to explain.

From your list of videos, select the Edit Button to get the Edit Page where you can change the description, title, and the options.

On the Edit Page, click on Advanced Settings to get the page with the extra options.

Make sure the Creative Commons option is selected, not the standard YouTube licence.

The Remix button appears. So if there is another camera angle on this performance then there could be an edit.

There will be some background on Creative Commons in the Posterous blog