Saturday, November 11, 2006

Italian Flash poetry

This is a very gentle example of Flash. I usually think of Flash as an annoying ad or tiresome intro but this is fine. I don't understand Italian but just click on text to hear a voice. Maybe it would make less sense if you understood the words but an arbitrary aorder of lines seems ok.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Demoscene now easier to find

Jo Gedrych at Exeter Television has now edited some video from Sundown at Budleigh Salterton. It is available on YouTube

There is more for Sundown turning up as well.

and this video capture

Amiga AHX Tracker module, 1st place in Oldskool Music category at Sundown '06. Poorly filmed and then audio-synched to A1200 Paula output. AHX filesize is 20kb, 20 instruments, 99 patterns.

The trend in new stuff on YouTube and Google Video is such that an intro to the demoscene is now available. I still think downloading zip files etc is a bit of a block for most people.