Friday, February 08, 2013

Prototype of step by step instruction for YouTube Remix option

I got behind with the OLDS MOOC last week and am finding ways to catch up. I still want to follow up on the project for social video production. I am finding it hard to think about design phases without getting feedback on how learning works out. Also I get some comment from the Wild Show and people around Phonic FM. there is some interest in video and in this Remix option on YouTube.

So eventually there could be an animation video with a very detailed description of how to select the Creative Commons option on YouTube. This is just a set of screenshots to show the outline and ask a few people if it is enough to explain.

From your list of videos, select the Edit Button to get the Edit Page where you can change the description, title, and the options.

On the Edit Page, click on Advanced Settings to get the page with the extra options.

Make sure the Creative Commons option is selected, not the standard YouTube licence.

The Remix button appears. So if there is another camera angle on this performance then there could be an edit.

There will be some background on Creative Commons in the Posterous blog

Sunday, February 26, 2012

SceneChat test with Interview template re copyright and digital content

I am on a Beta for SceneChat. Comments can be sent to other social media from video sites. Currently this seems to mean YouTube, Blogger and Facebook at least these are working for me.

So far the comments works ok so I am adding this post to ask for current views on this video from the cathedral projection last year. It covers digital media, copyright, and possible links to other events. Social media has changed over the time and copyright policy may change further.

If comments bar fails, please add comment to blog anyway.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

ITV moving in the right direction #enviromental #animatedexeter2012

I very much support the decdision by ITV Regional to load up a clip from Evolumental to YouTube.

But the problem I think is that they only make available content that has been broadcast. So this is not the whole ten minutes. Also it turned out that the timing of a live broadcast diod not coincide with the best bits in the background in my honest opinion.

The BBC have similar policies I think. Could they relax this a bit so they stay to get the whole thing and then load it to YouTube or somewhere? A couple of years ago there was an ITV crew in the Anchor Gardens during Sidmouth Folk Week for most of an afternoon. Working hard on music video but I don't think more than a minute or two got on the TV. So what to do with all this stuff?

Social media were discouraged from posting anything from the Wednesday tests that would possibly compete with TV exclusivity. I'm not sure YouTube audiences are yet a problem for propertelly. And besides there could be more of a mix that actually helped the broadcast. There are some decent cameras in Exeter. Can we have a bit of a discussion on what else might be possible?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Video of Evolumental could try out comments

This is one take for a video on Evolumental. There could be an edit with other material but this wass loaded as one take to encourage more people to visit Exeter cathedral this Saturday evening, today is your last chance to view the actual event.

I am leaving lots of space as this blog should now work with SceneChat. Please add comments anyway. Could include a link to a better shot, better sound, or any sort of giuidance. By the way if you actually understand layers please put some time aside. I am gradually finding out but most of my edita are fairly random as it turns out.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

hannis_jo's photostream


still for a video based on radio show, Wild on Phonic FM

could this be animated?

Monday, December 05, 2011

Bitropolis a catchup, just missed Bitfilms

What with Online Information last week I missed out on Bitfilms but some of the content is now turning up.

The trailer

and on YouTube

Thing is, this three years old I think. Why is there not more from Twinity? I still think this could work as linking other bits of video.

More later. I hope to find a lot that could fit with Animated Exeter.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Green Man arrives in Exeter, video on YouTube

Following Isca Obscura I was interested in the Green Man reported as part of a Phonic radio show this Monday. Maybe not strictly animation but there may be various ways to use the content. I found that Phonic FM fades in and out quite a lot so I missed all the sighting reports and only met the Green Man when he reached the city centre, near the Castle. I was able to interview Francis Ives who had followed the green man since about five in the morning. So these clips cover the first glimpse, three interviews and the cathedral where the Green Man eventually appeared,

You can skip interview three, nothing much added to the story, but it links back to Phonic FM studio.

Glimpse of Green Man in Castle Street Exeter

Francis Green Man Photo Follower Interview #1

Francis Green Man Photo Follower Interview #2

Francis Green Man Photo Follower Interview #3

Green Man at Exeter Cathedral 2011