Thursday, August 14, 2008

Possibility of linking Spacex and YouTube

At Spacex till 20th September there is a Summer Screen. Not sure what to make of it yet. The gallery space could be seen as a series of small cinemas. The screens are big enough to be different to viewing the same content on YouTube. But for some reason I can't find much so far. There seems to be a lot more of comment and lectures, but this is an encouraging sign.

Animate Project has some content on the home page and details about Stop Watch....

Tank TV has some work online but on YouTube is interviews, such as this with Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Picture This has info on Small Wonders but not many YouTube links I can find. Lady Lucy is an alias, complete with Myspace page linking to video.

Commotion (You Made Me Love You) is curated by Claire Doherty. University College Falmouth has loaded most of one of her lectures in several sections. I will come back to this later, may help to make more sense of the actual Spacex. The actual title of what is being shown there is not that easy to predict so I think previous browsing could be helpful.