Tuesday, September 30, 2008

OhmyNews, demoscene, future journalism

OhmyNews have published my story about Sundown 2008. The editors have included a Youtube video of the invite to Function 08. To make the space for this they have missed out my photograph of Budleigh beach so as this is my blog I will concentrate on this for a bit. So far I have managed to include a photo of the beach on each occasion.

From 2008, not accepted by the editors

Previously, 2007 link to story

2006, link to story

2005, link to story

So possibly there is not much point in repeating the photos of the beach or trying to do the same story each time. there are still some readers who know nothing about the demoscene so some things have to be explained.however there are now many videos on Youtube and other places so a new phase in reporting is called for.

There is a page for a possible TV series from Rougemont Global Broadcasting. It also works as a webpage with links and over time there is more video available anyway. My impression at the moment is that the demoscene is better reported on the Web than the earlier work shown by Greg Kurcevicz as part of a New Canvas. UK work from a similar timeframe is covered in books but there is not much by way of example online. So I think this could be a priority to create enough links for people to choose their own route.

Meanwhile, here is the first try at embed html for Demoscene TV. Their code is not accepted by Blogger so I had to use YouTube as a guide......

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sundown this weekend in Budleigh

Sundown again in East Devon. I am still trying to make some links between the demoscene and the "New Canvas" era.

A major problem is that the early stuff is not much available. Curated as cans of film and stored away in a secure place. Quite right too but there is still a problem in attempting to show what it is. Although more is available on YouTube it is not clear how much official support there is for this. A recent search has found the Official Page for John Whitney senior, curated by Siggraph. So this must be legit. Not sure of the web access at Sundown so I have downloaded two Quicktime files at LifeBytes. They are Arabesque and Digital Harmony. I think both could work ok for a demoscene audience. More next week, don't expect a live blog.

The two MOV files are also stored away on VitalstatistIx in Life Bytes. Opposite the Odeon on sidwell Street, Exeter.