Sunday, April 27, 2008

World TV allows many channels of video streaming

World TV has made possible a sequence of video from many sources on many sequences. So far I have just looked at YouTube, mostly from this blog. The first sequence is at

I have concentrated on showing both demoscene and early computer animation. I think there is a comparison but people used to one group do not often try the other as far as I can make it out. Later there is some Second Life and documentary from Devon.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blender on TV, Amsterdam with English subtitles

This is interesting

More online within a month

It looks like the sort of animation that could turn up in a cinema, not some demoscene arty stuff for a niche. More on "arty" when you watch the link. But it is open source, so more connections are possible.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Photos from Black Box ; Cory Arcangel event

These pictures were taken during Animated Exeter when a film by Cory Arcangel was showing at the Black Box in the Phoenix Media Centre. It took a while to get permission to display them and then I was uncertain what to say about them. The previous set from the launch of the Spacex show was ok but then I asked permission to video the lecture. It turns out that permission to video is almost impossible to obtain. The web seems to be in two modes. Casually there is a mass of digital photography that just happens. Trying to work more officially is very complicated.

So my next phase is to move to Second Life and Photoshop. Second Life requires bandwidth. Exeter City Council have a block on Flash for bandwidth reasons so SL is also not for everyone. Photos mixing SL characters or backgrounds then reduced in file size could be an approach to link things. I have done some avatars that could be based in or visit Exeter at different times. Also some backgrounds from the Black Box. More on this later. There is a PDF guide to the avatars on Scribd. All Creative Commons on Flickr so feel free to use them but please send a link.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Adobe shifts design attention to video

Adobe have announced a Media Player for video.

There is some animation already. The background seems to me to be a change of direction towards Flash and away from Postscript and PDF, now rarely mentioned. The 'platform' unit is now merged with mobile so 'platform' may not have much space for PDF.

Meanwhile in Exeter there is still no Flash on the council website, apparently because Flash is not supported on their own browsers because of bandwidth constraints.

Round about now there is a bit of a crunch in what time travel can cope with. The web has gone from text to video and animation is part of this.