Friday, July 13, 2007

John Whitney on YouTube

Update to yesterday's post, John Whitney is on YouTube. Arabesque.

My memory is that a previous example did disappear. Maybe you should be quick to see this. Who knows?

In a sensible world, everything from the early days of computer animation would be on YouTube. But this cannot be guaranteed.

There is also a video on Charles Csuri with short extracts towards the end. Personally I find the soundtrack annoying. But this is an example of how to mix interviews, presentation and original computer animation. Half an hour or an hour is not impossible to imagine.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A New Canvas, notes for Sundown

Thinking about an online guide to digital animation it strikes me that the top problem is the lack of availability of the classic stuff. For some reason the kind of work covered in A New Canvas is very rarely shown and is also very heard to find on the web. It seems to have the same sort of status as an ancient oil painting, best kept in the dark away from anybody except a distinguished academic.

Seriously though, why is it thought this style is suited to film and more or less film only. I may be repeating myself from previous posts but I feel certain that computer distribution would have been used in 1967 onwards had it been available.

The demoscene stuff is getting easier to access. A dedicated web TV channel. Versions on YouTube. A big screen at a party is much much better so the YouTube versions are in no way damaging parties as events, any more than MySpace damages live music. By the way, exhibitions of oil paintings can also benefit from online versions in reasonable resolution.

So plan A is to find at least some still images in time for Sundown. Not sure when it is, but summer has not started yet so there must be a few months to come.

Aim is to show some connection demoscene / new canvas. Maybe this will be an occasion to discuss archiving, preservation, distribution.

Not wanting to upset anyone by directly ripping off graphics, here are some links.

A New Canvas

Cibernetik 5.3
1961-65, USA, 16mm, colour, sound, 8 min.

John Stehura

Charles Csuri
Computeranimation, Microfilm Plotter, Film ├╝bertragen auf DVD, 10 min
Charles Csuri

Lillian Schwartz Papillons
1973 music by Max Mathews,
video [large detail of still from installation]

John Whitney Biographical Page
Digital Harmony
still and Quicktime extract

what about some complete stuff somewhere?