Saturday, November 11, 2006

Italian Flash poetry

This is a very gentle example of Flash. I usually think of Flash as an annoying ad or tiresome intro but this is fine. I don't understand Italian but just click on text to hear a voice. Maybe it would make less sense if you understood the words but an arbitrary aorder of lines seems ok.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Demoscene now easier to find

Jo Gedrych at Exeter Television has now edited some video from Sundown at Budleigh Salterton. It is available on YouTube

There is more for Sundown turning up as well.

and this video capture

Amiga AHX Tracker module, 1st place in Oldskool Music category at Sundown '06. Poorly filmed and then audio-synched to A1200 Paula output. AHX filesize is 20kb, 20 instruments, 99 patterns.

The trend in new stuff on YouTube and Google Video is such that an intro to the demoscene is now available. I still think downloading zip files etc is a bit of a block for most people.

Monday, October 16, 2006

What is this?

It may not be animation but it seems to be stop frame.

I'm at the "Be the Reds" internet cafe behind Goodge Street station where Cyberia used to be. Broadband very impressive but they don't allow sound. everley Brothers in background at the moment. Can't really complain.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Syphus tune from Sundown is now on video at YouTube

There is an 8 second version at the bottom of my OhmyNews report.

More video is being edited and will appear later.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Now from Google video, the background

This is from 3Sat, in German with English subtitles

This was created for a Commodore 64. More examples

Animation on YouTube and Google Video

I have now discovered how to embed code and link to YouTube and Google.

What took so long?, you may well ask. Not sure, really. I sort of realised but it has become obvious recently.

This is stop frame from Sesame Street. Stop frame is a very good place to start.

This is an example of a demo as from
Fair Play To The Queen by Candela
info at Pouet

In my opinion this is an easy way for people to get an idea about the demoscene. Downloading zip files is not for everyone.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Joined up blogs

Later today there should be a guide to other blogs that I work on or at least a diagram as part of my learn9 website. This is about learning so one current idea is to make the blogs at least appear more coherent. I have tended to just start another one and then not continue.

Monday, February 27, 2006

OhmyNews publish report, found by Google News

OhmyNews have accepted my report on Animated Exeter, written from a definite point of view moaning about the lack of space for things digital.

OhmyNews is a site for 'citizen reporting'. Anyone can contribute. In Korea there are tens of thousands of citizen reporters so they get a range of views on any event. So far there not so many reporters for the English language version. So it would be good if more people sent in their own take on animation events.

I will probably try to do a story around Assembly in the summer and Sundown in the autumn. Much better if other people did one or two. My knowledge of the demoscene is pretty limited.

I will also try to imagine an Animated Exeter in 2007 or later with more integration regarding digital content and methods. The Phoenix did have wifi last week for example but not much use was made of it.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Ogg Vorbis, more guidance

Responding to an earlier problem, Ben Green from Bristol Wireless has sent some help

"Can't really give you guide other that download winamp from,
which now does ogg out of the box. It's not open source but it is okay.

It is fine to remove DivX when you install the k-lite codec pack, as it
does re-install another handler, another version of DivX. It will also
install Xvid which will do just fine for DivX too.

There is also VLC from, though this is more advanced and
trickier to use."

In my own case an earlier attempt seems to be working ok. I can listen to Ogg streams with Media Player. The only problem now is that I was misinformed as to what sort of music happens on a Wednesday at the Chelsea. Not really jazz, more a singer / songwriter night. You can do 'covers' but original songs seem to be better thought of. I am trying to interest people at the Globe in Exeter. Maybe more will tune in next week.

Games as learning

Found this blog through a blog link from Epic thinking. Epic send out a lot of email but it has a lot of content.

Brigadoon is a use of a game to encourage learning in groups.

So games are a lot more than just 'text' for the purposes of study.

Maybe I am in the wrong blog. Something continues at "learning with ISO 9000" - learn9log.

Very soon there will almost certainly be another real life site for Life Bytes. There is a phone number 01392 214214. with a bit more conversation there could be some integration and clarity.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

help please - how to listen to Ogg Vorbis?

This blog is mostly about animation but the music video form has resulted in a crossover dialogical space and anyway Vibraphonic has already started. As we all know the radio is on the web

This could be useful in 'wi-fi Exeter' but is really not much different to a portable radio. Maybe we need to benchmark on Bristol Wireless to work out what else to do.

According to the Radio Vague website there should be some jazz tonight from the Chelsea in Bristol.

Now that "ogg" is a bit different to "mp3" and so you may need slightly different software.

There needs to be a wide discussion about Open Source. This is great in many ways and some people insist on it for good reasons. However it can be mysterious. If you are one of those people like me who use windows and has a copy of Windows Media Player then according to the Radio Vague website you need to download the K-Lite Codec Pack 2.27 Full.Several links later it turns out that the version abvailable is 2.49. When I try to load this it tells me that it also copes with DivX and suggests uninstalling current DivX software. Not sure about this, I am really getting into areas where I'm not sure why some stuff works some of the time.

Would somebody write a simple guide based on a recent test as to how to listen to a .OGG stream starting from Windows?

Radio Vague hosts a stream from Resonance FM that can be tested

Not that Resonance is just a test site, simply that it would be good to have the software sorted before the jazz broadcast from the Chelsea.

If you do get this to work and live in Exeter, there could be an informal meeting soonn at the Globe. In theory wi-fi and streaming media have potential but there need to be some credible reports of case studies before there will be much investment in technology.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Photos from Games Day


I have bought a season ticket for Japanese films so there may not be much posted till Wednesday.

Games Day

Welcome developments during the Games Day

Games are now "an emergent artform" . More later on talk by Emma Westecott from the International Film School of Wales.

During the day, IT Games linked a PS2 to the projector and got a big screen effect with Shadow of the Colossus. No copis left in the shop on North Street but there be some more by Tuesday.

They also suggest a previous game called ICO

IT Games 01392 410291 17, North St Exeter
Devon EX4 3QS

Saturday, February 18, 2006

draft article - expanded diagram

I have done a draft article on Animated Exeter and digital fringe for OhmyNews.

General impression is that analogue is still most of what is going on.
Digital fringe may come later when Life Bytes opens on Sidwell Street.

Please add anything as a comment. Quotes or suggestions.
Probably to be sent off around Tuesday.

There is now an updated diagram linking content and bandwidth. there
is enough content to validate wifi in Exeter, but it could be anywhere
anytime so something may happen later.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Touch - new music video and critique

Two welcome events
Paul Gillard has put up a Flash version of a recent
music video
intended as a Podcast. I did try out iTunes but it did not work so well. Maybe it was just me.

The track is Touch by PublicSymphony

Ruairi Fullam has done a critique on this, comparing it with the demoscene. Ruairi organised the Sundown event in Budleigh last year. There will probably be another in October.


"Paul's choice of palettes and effects can't be faulted, however to the
seasoned cgi / demoscene enthusiast a lack of synchronization and effect
re-use would be a primary criticism. Despite this, the production makes
up for itself by being an enjoyable and intriguing watch with some
smooth soft neon coffee-swirl effects topped with an excellent chill-out
soundtrack by up and coming Public Symphony. The production also
features some tasteful plasma effects, Poser-esque CGI figures, and
delicately tuned movements and zooms at varying speeds that fit well
without feeling disorientating at all. A recommended production, only
improved possibly with a keener eye on synchronization which could
really add some beautiful abstract symbolism, in the same vein as Tesla
by Sunflower ( Recommended."

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Testing dates

This is a check of how far back dates can go. The Animated Exeter official events go back about five years, I think. Internet Express was about ten years ago and the web had animated GIFs fairly early.


oh dear, I'm sure an earlier version allowed you to edit the date.
As a QA auditor I am very impressed. However there is a mess of old web sites that could have been sorted out with a bit of time travel.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Demoscene TV

This site is till working fine

Usually stuff from has a limited audience as the zip files have to be downloaded and then maybe some dll moved around. Then maybe there is an extra plugin required. next a message appears that hardware is not quite as expected.

Demoscene TV may need one or to extras but seems to work fine each time. Suggest trying it anyway. Latest stuff requires a meg or more but there is an 'old school' channel that works fine on half a meg.

Dial-up screens will have to stay with zip files from

Friday, January 06, 2006

Google Day

This seems a good time to start a blog. Apparently Google will now host any amount of video, some of it animation. Start search with 'animation'

You can also get 'I love Lucy' if you have a US credit card. The rest of us will have to wait. That Robin Williams making jokes about the French concern with culture, who needs this stuff?

This could be an alarm call for Exeter Television. They say they can host some stuff from last year but if nothing happens soon maybe Google would be an alternative.

Meanwhile Rougemont Global Broadcasting will carry on with text and small graphics. there will be some Google adwords. The copy may need changing but probably will be enough to reach the spiders.