Friday, December 21, 2007

Is this Anyware?

Think this share site may be the same as Anyware, found through Radio Vague some time ago.

It is the only search result on "Anyware" that seems to be working.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Flickr confusion

Something has gone a bit wrong. the Flickr slideshow has some of the current Spacex selection but has also gone back to the North.

JODI - what was that all about?

I am starting to look for JODI again on the web. A couple of years ago there was a Computing 101 at Spacex, completely misfunctional. Apparently that was the point. I tried to get web access from the Apple kit on display and was very disappointed when nothing worked. But it was an art comment on technology. Very funny. There is a blog that has the same effect and has not changed since maybe last year sometime.

So what is the point being made about YouTube? Apparently the videos sampled were all made by "amateurs". Is the performance of Bach in the current show supposed to be effective? Or is it a representation of an alleged Youtube experience? I think some YouTube contributors should be asked to comment. Some YouTube stuff is not amateur at all in my opinion.

Photos from Spacex opening for Cory Arcangel show

Shooting Andy - there could be a penalty for shooting others

These books are on a table for reference

Endpaper from Cory Arcangel book

These lights create an image on the wall. They come from a malfunctioning VCR player.

There were no release forms so this is deliberately blurred although the original is not that sharp anyway.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

YouTube Link

Found this link on one of the pages from the previous post.

From the notes at Spacex it seemed that most of YouTube etc could be seen as amateur until edited together for a proper gallery. Something like that. Plenty of time to discuss various points of view. And something could drift on into Vibraphonic.

Web links for Cory Arcangel

Looking through some notes on weblinks from the folder at Spacex

Don't Touch My Computer is a PDF with helpful hints on how things are done.

Recent Show at Max Wigram, text

Things I made, think this is copied down wrong, seems to be part of a blog

Beige has something to do with it. This is dreadful design unless meant as a comment on how moving images distract from text.

From 2006

Friday, December 14, 2007

Cory Arcangel starts 2008 at Spacex

This blog is back to animation mostly. WifiExeter will cover most kinds of content.

Spacex launches a new exhibition this evening from Cory Arcangel.

One unknown will be what it is permitted to photograph. Last year at Animated Exeter there was not much permission to video. Exeter City Council has a clearly defined policy on releases. Spacex usually do not allow exhibits to be photographed though I was allowed to photograph a film projector on a plinth. They do have some digital equipment but this is often hidden.

Maybe it matters not in a digital age. The Ice Rink would have been a photo opportunity but all image rights are held by the Express and Echo. There are some script ideas or at least bits of text through Rougement Global Broadcasting. Much more sensible short video turns up through Exeter Television, currently on YouTube.

By the way, editing loads of samples from YouTube is interesting in itself and also raises the art status of the originals. Just my opinion. Comment welcome.

Fortunately a search on Flickr for Creative Commons pictures finds quite a lot for Cory Arcangel. I have altered one of them to reveal the audience. Yet to check out YouTube but it is in theory possible to cover this aspect of Animated Exeter through links to existing web resources, whatever else we manage to video or not.

Original by Amanda McDonald Crowley on Flickr

Paper Rad and Cory Arcangel @ MoMA