Thursday, May 24, 2007

Video from Animated Exeter now on YouTube

Exeter Television has now loaded to YouTube a short on the Games Day at the Phoenix.
It shows an impression of what went on, including how easy it is to get to the big screen from a digital input. in this case a Wii machine but it could be a web link in theory. So the demoscence material could end up in the Phoenix one day.

Here again is a previous video from Sundown 2006 in Budleigh. Expect another one in 2007.

Not sure what has happened to the idea of intros or idents for Ubuntu. Maybe there will be an update out of sequence. Things move fairly slowly so one year being much like previously the breaking news could be at any time. At least now there is at least one video from Animated Exeter and one from Sundown on the archive for Exeter Television. Several others on YouTube for Sundown.

Debris, looks even better on a big screen