Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Digital Music Video - an update

Talk now notes around a meeting so becoming clearer what the emphasis is on.

Links to Rougemont Global Broadcasting, Exeter TV, local video. The output will be in forms suitable for TV and related social media.

Starts with comparing early computer animation and the demoscene. "Visual Music" is best available general term.

Landings at Spacex is a digital reference. Each video has signs of digital processing. The Animate Projects at Phoenix is closer to the illustration, book page tradition. Spacex better reference for music video.

Demoscene includes live performance - Xerxes found on YouTube and longer AVI on CD to be distributed during Animated Exeter. Visual Music includes mix of visuals and music, also on CD.

Video dj VJ , content found online also Flickr from Benny Ben clearly Creative Commons

Virtual worlds now included. Twinity design is just like Princesshay. Dance much easier virtually than a make over for Bedford Square.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Talk now for a Creative Tuesday - Animated Exeter continues

The talk that was cancelled is now for Creative Tuesday, a new series in the Black Box organised by Phoenix Digital. Within the next few months, details in the next printed Phoenix guide.

This might work out better. I can still develop some points during Animated Exeter over the next few weeks.

Main conclusion from Landings at Phoenix is that the size of a TV screen is probably the intended scale of most media. Nothing wrong with a gallery choosing a larger scale but my own direction is to end up with content that can be combined for TV. TV now includes related social media or versions.

I have invested in a Toshiba camera with a speaker as well as a better screen than the Kodak Zi8. so it may work for playback. I am trying to transfer some other stuff so could try out the entire talk in one lift journey.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Spacex Landings is a test case in online access

The second Review Group is tomorrow night at Spacex. During the first one I discovered that the Animate Projects content is mostly online already. I have found a couple of links.


Without You

So have a look if you are not able to visit the actual Spacex. I don't think it will dissuade anyone from making the journey. Without You is on a reasonably sized screen and the other two are projected on large scale. Then there are the books. No hot chocolate as during the snow but then it is getting warmer.

Meanwhile Google offers a digital take on gallery content. As reported in the Observer-

The gallery directors involved in the project are of course confident that the online versions of their collections will extend curiosity rather than satisfying it; that the art project will act as an advertisement for those who can get to the galleries.

One can only assume that the museums not involved – the Louvre in Paris and the Prado in Madrid, for example – are less sure of that equation. As always, with the digitisation of culture, the answer will not be long in coming.

I think that for digital video a mix of online and galleries could work quite well. It seems a natural progression and allows social media to build around this base.