Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Digital Music Video - an update

Talk now notes around a meeting so becoming clearer what the emphasis is on.

Links to Rougemont Global Broadcasting, Exeter TV, local video. The output will be in forms suitable for TV and related social media.

Starts with comparing early computer animation and the demoscene. "Visual Music" is best available general term.

Landings at Spacex is a digital reference. Each video has signs of digital processing. The Animate Projects at Phoenix is closer to the illustration, book page tradition. Spacex better reference for music video.

Demoscene includes live performance - Xerxes found on YouTube and longer AVI on CD to be distributed during Animated Exeter. Visual Music includes mix of visuals and music, also on CD.

Video dj VJ , content found online also Flickr from Benny Ben clearly Creative Commons

Virtual worlds now included. Twinity design is just like Princesshay. Dance much easier virtually than a make over for Bedford Square.

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