Friday, November 27, 2009


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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Digital Music Video - Youtube version

In Feb 2010 I will introduce a selection of video at the Phoenix as part of Animated Exeter. This will start with early computer animation, then the demoscene, then music video. There is only space for fifteen seats and the time allowed is now two hours, about twice what I expected. So there should be plenty of scope for discussion.

The event is free and there is no budget so probably there will not be actual video from the early days. Some free download extracts are available online and permission will be asked for. Alternatively there will probably also be discussion of the computer techniques used by John Whitney and comparison with techniques known on the demoscene.

Meanwhile there is much content on YouTube so an idea of the intention comes across from this playlist-

about ten minutes short of an hour at the moment so suggestions are welcome. Also any new stuff from the demoscene or music video. Not sure how much will be shown in Feb but weblinks always possible.

The description being used is "digital music video" as being very general. Also not sure about the rights on other terms such as "visual music", "expanded cinema", "new canvas", others. Need to find a way to describe "early computer animation". demoscene is clear enough. "music video" crops up on YouTube. Generally the early content is not well known as far as I can tell compared with the demoscene. Based on people I meet. So issues around how stuff is distributed will be part of the discussion.

There may be time to look at games. But music video seems to me to be the most interesting direction.