Thursday, March 27, 2008

More on Nvision

If you download a magazine and the dlls fall in the right place you can read an interview with Temis Nunez who explains why Nvidia is supporting a demoscene party as part of an event about "visual computing".

off topic
maybe some other company in San Jose could suggest a magazine format that allows text to be copied out but maybe I have just lost track of what a magazine design should concentrate on

back on topic
It turns out that Temis Nunez is a genuine fan who collected "cracktros" for Apple II and C64. Also Jensen Huang has said of Nvidia "we are at the intersection of art and technology" so the demoscene is of interest to show off what a graphics chip can do.

Temis mentions Debris, already on this blog and also Andromeda's Lifeforce.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Breakpoint promotes demoscene in San Jose

Promotes NVscene in San Jose in August. Not sure how strong the demoscene is in the USA but time will tell.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

SUN to charge $1 per CPU hour for Blender animation

SUN are moving further into software as a service and open source. Blender is one of the services available. Current charge is $1 per CPU hour. This sounds cheap but may result in lots of new projects. Somehow it is always tempting to use the full chance on offer.

Blender is one of the projects featured at the 2008 meeting on Libre Graphics. More on this later.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Repeating the week of Animated Exeter

Time travel seems easier if the space stays much the same. So I am trying to repeat the week ending 23rd Feb with another attempt at creating links of various kinds. Things could heve been even better with some slight changes. So imagining next year is the same as trying to change memory.

The YouTube connection is difficult partly because Exeter City Council have no support for Flash and so they do not host pages with Flash. It is therefore quite difficult to explain YouTube to people who work for Exeter City Council. Trying to get permission to video something depends partly on showing previous work which in this case is not possible. So Exeter TV might have recorded more including interviews had there been a release policy.

Try to imagine a shift so that there is support for Flash and YouTube is accepted as part of a festival / culture event. Someone who has no wish to be identified in this blog observed that this development has been a small step for manking but would be a giant leap for Exeter City Council.

Following that it would be easier to connect Second Life and actual events. There were two interesting events. See previous posts for more on Viral Duets in Exeter and D.R.O.I.D. in Bristol.

In theory the D.R.O.I.D. content could have been part of the Beatz and Bobz closing party at the Phoenix in Exeter. I have no information yet that this happened. But something like it may later. Sound and vision can be live or from the archive. It seems that the island of Prados Azules is set up for the summer at least so more could follow. And the dance steps goodies bag is in Diecicento.

Access to Second Life is the next frontier for organisations, even beyond Flash. A journalist from the Financial Times recently explained that they had to go home to write a story about business schools in Second Life as the firewall prevented installation at work.

As well as trying to repeat events through time travel i am also thinking about forms of fiction, so repeat the script outline from a previous post.

So assume VJs B1 and B2 who arrange an event without web access but hear about another one a week later with web streaming. They discuss various issues arising and are not entirely convinced. Not that they are luddites or anything but there has to be scope for acceptance of some form of development during the story. One concern is that animated dancing online may not work too well. The next week B1 and B2 are somewhere else where they could stream something but are not sure. Fortunately Kola Spellcaster turns up with a set of code that allows anyone to dance really well. The only problem is that she has put a timeout into the code so it will all fall over unless her Arts Council grant for next year is confirmed before midnight. This story ends at about 11.47 but there may be another one. If you feel any characters are based on yourself you may request changes or write your own version. Creative commons : attribution requested. I may claim other forms of copyright if I write something longer or for a later production.

Recent video of seats in Exeter. When the light is reliable there could be interviews if there was permission. What sort of release form would be required? By the way, this test is done on a disgo, GBP24 so the future could be much better if Exeter TV had more resources.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Some people prefer lounge music

Just in case the Luke Vibert style of music is not what you would choose, here is another video from Second Life which may make more sense for people who like the Voodoo Lounge for example.