Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Wet Art from Paul Gillard

I like this one from a digital source but the latest Twitter news is about under water.

There is still a lot of interest in India but I cannot find many Devon blogs linking in as yet.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Frogs exemplify art promo from Devon

Paul Gillard has uploaded some more wet art, frogs this time. Apparently the other pages in this series are getting unusual attention following blog links from India. About a million visits in August and 25,000 one day in September as claimed on the site so this is unusual for Artists in Devon or anyone I know. So far I have assumed that Youtube would be the best way of promoting art. But maybe online examples are better, easier to access.

I phoned Paul recently about Animated Exeter. More about this later. Hard to get his attention on video with all the interest in wet art. He claims these pages are now more popular than the Mona Lisa. The logic seems to be based on the rate they can both be viewed. The queue at the Louvre can only go so fast while the web pages can be served up any number of times. I do not see the point of going too far with this. The galleries will want to speed up the queues. But the point is that this form of art is intended to be viewed online.

The Google ads are at least paying the server costs as well. If the level of a few hundreds of pounds continues over more than one month this could work for other pages as well. And the site will get more attention for Devon artists. Paul is now in Cornwall by the way but is still more or less local. Here in Exeter, most people are on the way to somewhere else such as St Ives.