Friday, December 14, 2007

Cory Arcangel starts 2008 at Spacex

This blog is back to animation mostly. WifiExeter will cover most kinds of content.

Spacex launches a new exhibition this evening from Cory Arcangel.

One unknown will be what it is permitted to photograph. Last year at Animated Exeter there was not much permission to video. Exeter City Council has a clearly defined policy on releases. Spacex usually do not allow exhibits to be photographed though I was allowed to photograph a film projector on a plinth. They do have some digital equipment but this is often hidden.

Maybe it matters not in a digital age. The Ice Rink would have been a photo opportunity but all image rights are held by the Express and Echo. There are some script ideas or at least bits of text through Rougement Global Broadcasting. Much more sensible short video turns up through Exeter Television, currently on YouTube.

By the way, editing loads of samples from YouTube is interesting in itself and also raises the art status of the originals. Just my opinion. Comment welcome.

Fortunately a search on Flickr for Creative Commons pictures finds quite a lot for Cory Arcangel. I have altered one of them to reveal the audience. Yet to check out YouTube but it is in theory possible to cover this aspect of Animated Exeter through links to existing web resources, whatever else we manage to video or not.

Original by Amanda McDonald Crowley on Flickr

Paper Rad and Cory Arcangel @ MoMA

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