Sunday, March 15, 2009

Theory and examples please around found art

I am trying to find out more about the modern art approach to found objects, such as piles of wood offcuts or collections of old records. I half listened to a Radio 4 broadcast about rubbish, as linked on Flickr. Not sure if I posted about this before.

A while ago Cory Archangel had a video at Spacex made up of screen shots taken from YouTube. This is ok but what is the art take on images already on YouTube or Flickr for that matter. Could be stills of selected wood from a gallery or more likely as found anyway. The nature of display and distribution may change with the Web, like news and music. If we are invited to play in a gallery and treat it as a community hall the online equivalent is to mash up content. Where are the artists and galleries who are doing this?

I did get permission to photograph the Transition show at Exeter Artspace in the Castle. Simon Egan told me the soundtrack to Fraud will be on the Internet archive, but I cannot find it yet.

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