Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More about v-mob

V-MOB is "video workshops for mobile phones". The website includes some examples and some downloads. Intended for people attending workshops but the software is open source so presuamably anyone can attempt to get it to work. Seems best suited to Mac so I may try to get help at the Phoenix. (It appears there is a Windows version but the word MAC turned up in the zip file I found once it unfolded so I stopped there.)

Rescue seems to me the short film with the most sense of movement or journey in it.

Similar info at another site on Digital Workshops. Links to stop frame site where the latest work is a version of a computer game.

This may seem a long way from Tim Brennan and the watercolour tradition. But the move to digital may be just a way of opening things up. Stop frame is still in there somehow.

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