Friday, February 16, 2007

name explanation

Some people have been asking about possible confusion between "animx", a digital fringe based in Exeter, and "animex" an animation festival based in Teeside.

The Exeter digital bit used to be known as "animex" and changed to avoid confusion. In Google any unique combination of words will do. Recent search shows that animx and animex get different results.

There are many more sites that turn up, by the way. Online uniqueness is not really as possible as is often imagined in other forms of reality.

It may be that many people involved in Animated Exeter are familiar with Teeside and other animation events. So a connection with an online aspect may happen just as easily somewhere else or as part of a general process.

So I will try to find out an email address for other events and see if any exchange is possible. The animz website changes very slowly so there is a year round possibility.

Draft story for OhmyNews will probably take more shape during next week.

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