Thursday, March 04, 2010

a2d10 as a case study in social communication

I am still in a disconnect from last week and Like Minds. Is Exeter really connected with all this networking stuff. It seems like a bit like a circus that has now moved on to some other place. Still on Twitter of course. #likeminds

Tried out #a2d10 on #twitter but so far it is just me - @will789gb
there is Sound Gallery or SoundGalleryCIC but no tag yet for Analog2digital. other than #a2d10 so this post is to suggest that something else shows up. There is a pretty good mailing list for the event but the first one also attracted people all over the UK who may not have known about it from posters in Exeter. Also some aspects could be covered online. How is the kit being used already?

I still hope to get some digital influenced music played on the Wheely Saying Something show and the New Exeter Radio show tomorrow. Not sure how the links will work. Listen to Phonic to find out.

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