Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Analogue to Digital - #a2d10

So far the tag - #a2d10 - is only working for me. Can't find much else. But I think it is suitable and can't find another. Suggest #vgcs10 for the Vintage Guitars and Classic Synths coming up in a couple of months. Twitter reveals there is nothing on this at the moment.

The Tenori-On is the link for music technology and animation.

Kat Marsh tried out four mikes in the Sound Gallery basement. There are more clips to come later. Also the sound recording exists so there may be better sound.

From the Phoenix bar.

Also photos on Flickr.

There were issues raised about including people in the photos so some may vanish, then again some may be added.

I missed the Bladerunner sessions. Any links welcome.

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