Friday, August 28, 2009

New Exeter Radio Show - image rights continued

I have done a video edit of my own bit on this week's show. More to come on other sections but I want to continue the story on image rights and copyright. A bit obscure so this tends to be interrupted by some other issue on the radio, or some music. I did a report on the Classic Synth event, linked to Analog to Digital. Digital music is the strongets base for relaxed copyright attitudes. I also mention the videos at Spacex and the Sundown demoscene party. This year Sundown are suggesting Creative Commons as something to consider for all the releases. Previously things have been more informal but there have been problems as when tunes reappear on a commercial mix. Creative Commons terms are specific about allowed forms of reuse.

Not sure about a video record of the evening at Spacex next Thursday. Maybe more later. I cannot follow the German but the YouTube video from Frankfurt shows the art video in a window so street interviews are possible. Any translation welcome.

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