Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to memory

The New Exeter Radio show turns out to be a good development for me. It is a real chat show so it has a focus. So far no problem with video permissions, including when the music is playing. Copyright issues will return around animation before too long.

Current topics are around car boot sales. I was surprised not to be allowed to video the Art Car Boot Fair at the Castle but the policy seems to work out. Two stories in the Express and Echo including a photo from the organisers. So the close control of images can be effective and is clearly one policy option. But this Saturday there is a carboot for Vintage Guitars and Classic Synths. the analogue to Digital event was open to photos and there was an agreed tag - A2D09 - so my stuff on YouTube can be found. Includes performance from the evening.

Search on "new exeter radio show image rights" to find recent views from me. Lighting dreadful but the sound is ok.

Meanwhile things do change and I have been able to record some aspects of Spacex events, including a talk at the cathedral by Simon Pope and an interview with Nick Durnan at Spacex. Simon Pope curated the show based on memories of stone carving that Nick Durnan will recreate. So the four clips below may be a basis for memories or future interviews and comments. The street views done recently. comments welcome on this blog or as video on YouTube.

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