Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Image Rights continued

Not sure what is happening with the Art Car Boot Sale. the report in the Express and Echo has a photo by Oliver Sanders. there is an Express and Echo reference - EE90809_0S03_03. Wendy brooking is quoted so I doubt that she wrote the story. so i must have got the wrong impression from what I heard on Sunday. Maybe things change as they go along. I don't think there is any other report in print. Perhaps bloggers and photos/video for Flickr and Youtube will be more welcome on the next occasion.

I still wonder if the Express and Echo really benefit from exclusives or if this is something that they seek. The Ice Rink for example. Wider coverage online might have been helpful. They do have stuff on YouTube but it is not as well known as it might be.

I may return to the New Exeter Radio Show this Thursday. Video from last week is on their Ning site and YouTube. Including this about image rights-

The problem is quite a general one, not just about the Art Car Boot Sale. I may try to include Laura Kikauka in the discussion. I could not get permission to video the launch of her show at Spacex. Maybe another context could help. Ask her to do a set design for a disco perhaps. Video would be more easily accepted.

I still think that music and visual images are at different stages of adjustment to Web consequences. Video of live sound performance is often ok. When I get this wrong please let me know. But any form of photo with an art visual image in the shot is taking things back a few years.

Coming up soon another Car Boot Sale, this time for Vintage Guitars and Classic Synths. Previously it was ok to video at the analog to Digital event. Hope lots of people take photos and/or blog. Tags yet to emerge as far as I know.

As it is difficult to get permission to video art I will do more of my own stuff to try things out with. An imagined set of cables joining the buildings around the castle. More photos to come and this stock item on Vimeo. It can be downloaded from there. Also in sections on Flickr where there is a clear Creative commons licence. Variations welcome. I may do a copyrighted version myself later.

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