Saturday, February 16, 2008


Missed the junk space workshop but some info is on the blog

I now have almost permission to photograph but only if there are no people in the shot. Fortunately the digital funfair welcomes photos by Bluetooth. Don't have that but will try email later.

Meanwhile in Second Life the Monday real life at the Phoenix is still on. Not sure the link is working on how to book on Tuseday. If you already know about second life, search for "drifter rhode" and ask.

The event sort of in Bristol at the other end of the week has a link to Second Life and there is news of a sound stream through Radio Vague. If the Second Life thing fails to work, then my guess is that something from the Radio Vague archive could fill most of Saturday night but then I am a bit retro in my tastes and probably have not yet got caught up in the occasion.

I have visited the island of Prados Azules and can reveal that there seem to be test broadcasts coming up, a showcase on the 19th and a test5 on the 20th, both at 20 hours GMT. Of course there could be further tests if these fall over for some reason. I am not forcing you to download SL or get more bandwidth. LifeBtytes on Sidwell Street has at least one PC with SL installed so it could be tried out.

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