Thursday, February 07, 2008

Graphic for hard copy promo on video Swicki

I am trying to stay with hard copy as well as get used to Flash etc. This is more for blogs on drupa so i will also try to stay on topic.

The video Swicki for animation works well so I want to promote it. Also I have found more on YouTube from the era covered in "A New Canvas". So it can be linked to. Using google i have found a couple of images to go with a shot from a PDF book. So this group of three has a static effect similar to the video Swicki but only three at the moment. Maybe more later or other versions welcome. The grid on the Swicki is a rough guide but any proportions might work.

The top one is from a PDF / book on "Expanded Cinema" - still from John Stehura: Cybernetik 5.3.(1965-69).

Bottom ones through Google images, left from Pouet but original page is missing so no detail available. Right is from Pingmag after a search on "VJ" but I can't trace the context.

Please check the video animation Swicki for other combinations. The general point is that there is a connection between the demoscene and the "new canvas2 approach and either could work with music. My suggestion is that a Creative Commons licence could be more widely used on the demoscene as some VJs are concerned about this sort of thing.

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