Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More or less a link

Links on this blog are not obvious but in my head it seems to fit together.

On Monday at the Phoenix Exeter there will be some form of performance from Niki McCretton involving animation and Second Life. Not sure I understand it at the moment so it is probably best to have a look on Monday and then try Second Life on Tuesday.

The poster is for a show that is over now but may turn up again. Check the site where it is explained that for the research Niki McCretton "went to to Star City in Russia where she visited the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre just outside Moscow and saw the Soyuz simulators, the centrifuge room and the neutral buoyancy lab -- an underwater facility which simulates the conditions of a zero-g space walk."

This may be the same sort of facility where Mark Shuttleworth was trained for his adventure before going back to something more like a normal job in the form of Ubuntu. At Sundown a couple of years ago he spoke about including a demo or two to view while Ubuntu is booting up. If this project is no longer viable I think it is almost time that something was clarified. Breakpoint next month could be an occasion.

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