Friday, February 17, 2006

Touch - new music video and critique

Two welcome events
Paul Gillard has put up a Flash version of a recent
music video
intended as a Podcast. I did try out iTunes but it did not work so well. Maybe it was just me.

The track is Touch by PublicSymphony

Ruairi Fullam has done a critique on this, comparing it with the demoscene. Ruairi organised the Sundown event in Budleigh last year. There will probably be another in October.


"Paul's choice of palettes and effects can't be faulted, however to the
seasoned cgi / demoscene enthusiast a lack of synchronization and effect
re-use would be a primary criticism. Despite this, the production makes
up for itself by being an enjoyable and intriguing watch with some
smooth soft neon coffee-swirl effects topped with an excellent chill-out
soundtrack by up and coming Public Symphony. The production also
features some tasteful plasma effects, Poser-esque CGI figures, and
delicately tuned movements and zooms at varying speeds that fit well
without feeling disorientating at all. A recommended production, only
improved possibly with a keener eye on synchronization which could
really add some beautiful abstract symbolism, in the same vein as Tesla
by Sunflower ( Recommended."

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