Monday, February 27, 2006

OhmyNews publish report, found by Google News

OhmyNews have accepted my report on Animated Exeter, written from a definite point of view moaning about the lack of space for things digital.

OhmyNews is a site for 'citizen reporting'. Anyone can contribute. In Korea there are tens of thousands of citizen reporters so they get a range of views on any event. So far there not so many reporters for the English language version. So it would be good if more people sent in their own take on animation events.

I will probably try to do a story around Assembly in the summer and Sundown in the autumn. Much better if other people did one or two. My knowledge of the demoscene is pretty limited.

I will also try to imagine an Animated Exeter in 2007 or later with more integration regarding digital content and methods. The Phoenix did have wifi last week for example but not much use was made of it.

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