Friday, February 24, 2006

Ogg Vorbis, more guidance

Responding to an earlier problem, Ben Green from Bristol Wireless has sent some help

"Can't really give you guide other that download winamp from,
which now does ogg out of the box. It's not open source but it is okay.

It is fine to remove DivX when you install the k-lite codec pack, as it
does re-install another handler, another version of DivX. It will also
install Xvid which will do just fine for DivX too.

There is also VLC from, though this is more advanced and
trickier to use."

In my own case an earlier attempt seems to be working ok. I can listen to Ogg streams with Media Player. The only problem now is that I was misinformed as to what sort of music happens on a Wednesday at the Chelsea. Not really jazz, more a singer / songwriter night. You can do 'covers' but original songs seem to be better thought of. I am trying to interest people at the Globe in Exeter. Maybe more will tune in next week.

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