Sunday, February 15, 2009

wrong weekend for the closing party

There may be less experiment this coming week as I need to recover from mistakes. I got confused about the closing party for example. It was this Saturday, not next Saturday. BennyBen has already loaded the photos. Animated Exeter continues all next week. So the aim of persuading BennyBen to include some virtual worlds into the mix is a bit off the agenda till next time. Unless the timescale is extended round the year. Wifi instant communication is all very well but something stoered from earlier is often more reliable. All it needs is something as data for the event. So next week I will continue some email around next weekend being not too incoherent.

Suggest meeting in Prados Azules as they have a dance environment already established. The Spirit Hall is still in Twinity Berlin and there is dance sometimes.

Music seems a useful direction for the New Canvas thread. "Visual Music" covers a lot, including the Noise Box in the Phoenix, still there for another couple of hours.
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