Friday, February 06, 2009

Animated Exeter on YouTube

So far as I know Exeter City Council has no support for Flash, either on their own website or in the offices. They may be right about this. Text is easy on low bandwidth. However the Web aspects of animation are easier to point out if YouTube is an option.

Fortunately South West Screen do have a YouTube policy and have posted an interview with Susannah Shaw.

Meanwhile Twinity Berlin have announced that there will be links to the Berlin Film Festival starting soon. I was in the Sony Centre the other day but not much happening. Flickr record.

Actually I was at Life Bytes. Twinity will not load at home and I manage to crash the system at Life Bytes when trying out video. Maybe there is enough bandwidth in Bristol to record more readily. The web aspects of animation are probably best thought about without a specific place in mind.

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