Friday, January 09, 2009

Moving back to paper

Part of my interest is going back to hard copy and text. Don't get me wrong. I still like video but the rest of this post is not completely off topic.

Relating to Exeter as a place can be more difficult than writing text in a browser. Especially tru of web topics as I find it. Last year during Animated Exeter it was established that Exeter City Council do not support Flash so YouTube is a closed world. Not much change in the meantime. I am writing this at Life Bytes where it would be possible to show YouTube content. But this is right at the end of Sidwell Street so people visiting Animated Exeter may think it too far away. So a piece of paper with web links could be useful. I have done a first version. There is one copy on the notice board at Life Bytes and the PDF will be sent as email.

Also loaded to as a test of how this works

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