Monday, January 26, 2009

Fantasy Architecture

Guessing from the Observer, Digital Britain seems to be about the Olympic Games and 2012. So I am into time travel already. Now for the teleporting. Victor Keegan has reported that Twinity will launch part of an online London this year, starting with Soho to Westminster. Could rerach Victoria Park by 2011, then the rest of the Lee Valley.

In enough mist, most canals look much the same. I think there could be a teleport or video edit to Marsh Barton quite readily. The current emphasis seems to be on wonderful bits of architecture. In Heavitree we now have an arch to nowhere with words that cannot be made out. The branch library was demolished so is this really a trade?

Anyway the images on the fence around the olympic site are inspiring but could just as easily be done in Second Life. Much cheaper too if it is supposed to be a "Digital Britain" event.

In Exeter we could do with a tunnel from the Paris Street roundabout to St David's Station. So the walking route from Hight Street to Sidwell Street would be a lot easier. I wonder what Twinity would charge for a model?

However, coming back to the sensible and more timely, when will Exeter City Council have the bandwidth to support Flash and YouTube? Not that easy to explain things to them at the moment.

Coming back to space

Another practical idea would be to put some wooden exercise devices along the canal. Not sure how often people in Hackney use them, but they add something to the playing fields. This would also make it easier to edit video as if two places were much the same.

It could be that I am already moving into borrowing from the ideas of Richard Dedomenici. I may ask him on 3rd Feb at the Phoenix how to avoid disputes if proposals are reasonable. Access to Youtube is not ridiculous to expect, or so you might think.

Coming back to space, Bitropolis is on Twinity but not near Berlin except when there is a film festival. My understanding so far. I now have a booth, with some sofas - could be similar to the sofas in the Phoenix bar. So interviews are possible mixing and matching. However the lighting in the Phoenix is still a problem. May have to move outside and find matching space in Twinity later.

The sofas in the animX booth

the sofas

animX booth at Bitropilis

the booth

The actual Phoenix sofas are between the galleries, where the current animation display seem to me to concentrate on illustration and stopframe, and the Mac resource at the back where creativity is more connected with digital. Just my impression, text comment welcome or short videos. On 21 March there will be an "Analogue to Digital Music Expo" so music video may be on topic. From 14 March Transition in the Castle, "the most inventive and intriguing artwork crossing over traditional with contemporary media." Also close to the Oxo Tower in London. Easy to find and a real place.

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