Thursday, January 17, 2008

Video Swicki updated and visit to the Phoenix

Following a lunch conversation yesterday, (this blog is based on some active travel in Exeter, not just staring at a screen) I have added three new words to the Video Swicki for Animation. They are "cel", "cartoon" , and "BVH". Cellophane was the original medium for Walt Disney and others as it was explained to me. Somehow i had forgotten about cartoons. BVH I still do not understand but I have been promised a longer conversation.

So now all the boxes have something in them except one. That is ok, I await suggestions. "Intro" finds nothing but "Ident" works fine.

I went to the Black Box for the "Untitled Translation Exercise" from Cory Archangel. The soundtrack is shifted a few frames to give the effect of dubbing even though it is still in English. Not sure what the point is. Galleries do seem attracted to displays of technology that fails to work correctly. I still think this may be promotion for simpler technology such as watercolours. Hang them on the wall and they just work. I still have no reply to my friend request on MySpace. Maybe this is the subtle malfunction that makes it art.

The Phoenix galleries are already prepared for Animated Exeter. Forkbeard Fantasy has the sapace around the box office. There are some props from "The Fall of the House of Usherettes", now available on YouTube. There is comment regetting this move into digital but I have put another comment in support. Online can support live performance. I can only find Semay Wu on MySpace with a list of the FF performances at the Northcote later this month. Surely the more publicity online the more Arts Council targets will be met. Excellence in video networking, that is the future for obscure places like Exeter.

The other gallery has comic art from Studio Blink in Bristol. They have a website and blog but no links displayed in the gallery that I could find. Not sure why. Symbiosis could be the word I am looking for but I am not sure what people think it means.

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