Tuesday, January 22, 2008

DROID links Second Life and Bristol

Details now exist online for D.R.O.I.D., an event both on Second Life and in Bristol 23rd of next month.


We are now fast entering the post-televisual age, where we are no longer the passive recipients of televised news and commercials, a world where we think we have choice, but only within the strict confines of what the programmers wish us to see, but rather the protagonists, programming our own lives and living our own dreams.

The line-up at the Trinity will feature live acts, DJs and VJs, and using a number of video cameras, this will be streamed live into Second Life, where avatars will be able to enjoy the sites and sounds of the event in Bristol.

Having tried to keep up with a similar event at the Phoenix I can see some advantage in a relatively low bandwidth approach such as this blog. Text is still quite effective in making connections and most systems can cope. The full Second Life approach is some way off for most people, I think.

Meanwhile book link on Amazon found through imasaka.org

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And it was good...very good!