Monday, October 01, 2007

Mobile animation coming soon somewhere

Adobe MAX is an occasion to conjure up a vision of the future. Most people attending are developers and they need to work out what the audience will expect by the time something is launched.

Gary Kovacs, in charge of marketing at Adobe's mobile unit, called Flash Lite 3 "the most significant advance we've made in mobile" and said it brought Adobe closer to being able to release software versions for mobile and desktop simultaneously.

"It's probably a few years away. We'll do it over the next couple to three years," he told Reuters.

Meanwhile the Apple iPhone is seen as an inspiration.

According to, Anup Murarka, Adobe's director of technical marketing said that the iPhone has "changed the landscape" with its sleek graphics and tight integration of services, turning the phone from a simple commodity into a fashion statement. Gary Kovacs, vice president of marketing at Adobe's mobile and devices branch added that
"Since the iPhone, the energy in the industry to create something compelling has been off the charts.The iPhone has convinced customers that data on a mobile phone is possible."

However a list of devices that are currently available with earlier versions of Flash shows that many of them are supported in Japan or North America.

It may be a while before Flash Lite 3 is widely distributed in Exeter.

There will be an Apple shop so the iPhone can be demonstrated. There are some doubts about the cost and capability. Martin Courtney in the UK IT Week suggests that wifi availability will be a factor given that there is no support for 3G. Not a problem in wifi Exeter.

Other announcements at MAX included another update on the runtime now known as AIR - Adobe Integrated Runtime- and an example in the form of an Adobe Media Player. Warning, this is all beta stuff. Uninstall previous versions of AIR or Apollo or it could go wrong. The Media Player can only cope with Flash video as far as I can tell. You can enter demographic information about yourself to help the advertisers. there is quite a lot of video already including animation. the Two Dollar Pistols on nTune.TV are not reaaly the sort of band that would be booked for Vibraphonic but they deserve a hearing. It is not all from the USA. there is areport on a Lady Sovereign Concert at the Scala in King's Cross from Jumpoff TV. Now back to technology issues, enough time for content later.

So my point of view is that this is well worth watching but is some way off in the future. The Media Player works ok full screen. Something similar will be possible later on mobiles.

Meanwhile I am looking at two photographs as a token for discussion in the near future, say the rest of this year.

One is to show that an Apple shop is expected in Exeter sometime. This is on the Time Travel section of Snap City so could connect with other places.

The other one is an impression on Flickr of how Exeter Castle may look when the icerink arrives, an almost certain event for the fourth quarter. Mostly it is borrowed from Paul Keleher in Boston. The Creative Commons has many possibilities. I have claimed that there will be some genuine photos later. Maybe there will be some video.

Meanwhile this blog is mostly text. And I can add to it from Life Bytes on Sidwell Street.

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