Saturday, October 06, 2007

Has this blog gone completely off topic?

You may be wondering what happened to animation as a topic. Well, it could be that any form of content would fit in. The wifiExeter blog is more clearly about distribution unless that turns up here as well.

On Sunday 11th November the Creative Collective will tour intrepidly all the way from the Phoenix to the Globe Inn, Newtown. there will be a selection of short films, possibly including animation. That is, some films may be completely animation or some films may include sections of animation or techniques borrowed from animation. Now there is so much digital technique it is often difficult to tell what a clearcut definition of animation may be.

Discussion to be continued on blog and at Globe, Phoenix etc.

Linking to YouTube could be scaled up in time for Animated Exeter in February

Meanwhile from Future Shorts, coming to the Phoenix big screen sometime soon

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