Thursday, December 23, 2010

copy for 2011

I have now sent in the text for 2011

Will's Wonderful World of Digital Music Video

Sat 19th Feb 2-4pm Imaginary Lounge Phoenix

Visual music continues as computer animation, comparable to the demoscene. Sundown ended in 2010 but something continues in Silesia and on YouTube. Can compositing work with consumer software to enhance social media and music video? Sound engineering may be the largest remaining issue. Can content be identified that would blend with VJs Beatz and Bobz?

The deadline was "before Christmas" so I guess this is ok for the website. Only ten tickets, free but you have to book.

So, much the same as last year to start with. Any content welcome that could be shown. VJs the same day. Also Polish food at the Phoenix.

I may try to do a PDF file based on the content. Flash video is working ok with X.

previously, this came from the basement to the bar via Second Life. No direct cable, trrust me I was there and I am a blogger.

not much of a mix yet, online and specific venue. edit later maybe? is live streaming that important?

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