Friday, January 08, 2010

YouTube Playlists for (www) Digital Music Video

Finding more and more stuff on YouTube so can show the intention of the talk at Phoenix Exeter on Feb 13th.

Previously a version of the whole content though for copyright reasons the earlier work will not be shown. Actually updated since but this post has a bitly link - so please stick with this.

Also an updated selection similar to "A New Canvas" see previous post for list from Animated Exeter showing.

Previous blog post now a playlist. Ruairi Fullan at TechAdventures in Bristol with the video versions of what was shown. Ruairi will also be at the Imaginary Lounge during Animated Exeter.

I am also finding other video on YouTube by Steve Jolliffe and Paul Gillard, showing a direction for music video. (Some of Paul Gillard's earlier work has no sound, but I think it is better suited to music)

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