Thursday, October 29, 2009

Water Art becoming more abstract

The Artists in Devon site continues to get much interest from bloggers and the income from Google ads is encouraging more work. not at the level of the first interest from Indian blogs but still in the same area as selling a watercolour a month. So something to consider as a model for artists. Previously this blog and other efforts have attempted to promote things but it turns out this site has worked by some sort of chance. The format needs to be intended for online before it can reach much of a scale.

Joanne Poore has used the same approach on her own site with seashells that seem more abstract than the earlier examples. Meanwhile Paul Gillard has added some that are definitely abstract to the Artists in Devon site.

there is something about making a splash in water that appeals. Moving the mouse around is enough. I also recently saw a video of the game flOw that has some of the same appeal. I have not tried the actual game but it seems to involve an avatar in water where the scene changes depending on the moves. I found a trailer on YouTube.

Hope to find out more about this later.

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