Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Maiden and Death tryouts

After a talk at Spacex I am still wondering about image rights and how art is promoted. They are thinking about a blog or other means for more connection with their website but I think the general approach to avoiding mashups and casual photos is a bit of a problem. On the music front there is more acceptance of phone cameras, sampling etc. the net effect seems to help promotion. I am not sure if the artists actually require these limitations. It may be a general gallery policy.

this seems especially relevant for the Laura Kikauka. There is an invitation "to play" and the layout is unusual for a gallery, but the boundaries remain for photography or mixing images with other sources and then making them public. I would like to explore this some more so have done some photos of Fore Street or Bridge Street, not sure which and a couple of combinations.


As long as the art object was conceived as a monument to itself, women shrank before attempting it. Women who modify their environment every hour of every day, whether they are shaping their child's damp hair, or twitching a blind, or choosing wallpaper, or dressing themselves with wit and ingenuity, are unexcited by the self-contained, self-regarding work of art. They are not inspired. The adrenaline doesn't flow. But when art escaped from the frame and descended into the real world, women artists were suddenly in their element. As long as the work was open-ended, as long as life flowed through it, from its conception to its realisation, women could make it as well as anyone. There's hardly any point now in asking if women have to be naked to make it into the Metropolitan Museum (as the Guerrilla Girls did), because the museum is not where it's at

Germaine Greer, Guardian 30.3.2009

But getting out of the frame is only a start. Getting out of the gallery and onto the Web could be different again.

Marina Abramovic praguebiennale 3

My pix on Flickr , Creative Commons, reuse as you like or take better photos of street level Exeter.

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