Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Simple Lies" suggests a model for documentary

This blog post may become a longer story somewhere else so is mostly in note form. I am not sure how to write about material from the last month or so. The blog allows me just to show what happened.

"The Simple Lies" is a format in which the script and the video can be downloaded and reworked by anyone connected. There may be a final version at 2 Short Nights next year but there will be other versions meanwhile.

Interview with David Salas explains more

Also comment on Ictal and galleries. I think he makes a good case for galleries as distinct from online or maybe as a blend.

Meanwhile a video from Cory Archangel's version of Bach has turned up on YouTube. I hope it stays there. The images came off the web and the sound is a sort of chiptune. This kind of content has a place online.

Lee Morgan spoke about the link to music video as way to think about how music files are distributed. The lighting was dreadful on these but the sound is ok.

Newspapers are now getting better at involving a readership in blogs, comments, sending in material, contributing to a story. There may be changes even in Exeter. The Express and Echo had a lead story about Youtube and a video of a plane crashing into a cow.

So in future there could be a form of documentary linking videos even if they are not available for editing together. I think avatars and virtual worlds could be useful as a place for discussion and interviews. Less chance of needing a release form for passers by. So far as I know the possibility of stills and video is just accepted. I have made several trips to Twinity Berlin, including the Bitroplis cinema and the C/O Gallery.

The C/O Gallery has all the exhibits in an actual show in the virtual world. Works well for photographs. There is still a reason to go to a gallery but this policy is different to some others.

The questions remain much the same. What is the effect of technology changes on how content is created, promoted, and distributed? Is a new approach viable?

As interviews these questions can be repeated and or answers found online.

Here is a video about Christine Baumgartnet including shots of actual images. I also found other images online. I like the scale of this one.

At Spacex there will be an exhibition by Laura Kikauka. There is already video from Berlin on Youtube. I wonder if we could link Exeter and Twinity?

The question about putting free content online remains "Is there a business model?". I hope to put this question again to Jo Gedrych. I now realise he failed to answer it the first time.

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