Wednesday, November 26, 2008

YouTube is getting better

I may be about to go off topic a bit and use this blog for any YouTube content roughly connected with Exeter.

OhmyNews have published my story about the BBC decision to cancel their project on local video. My impression is that UK print journalists have done to lot to lobby against this idea. I cannot see that the Express and Echo for example will now rush into video. I think Exeter TV has a role in any future situation. Or something like Exeter TV - some way to fund citizen journalism in some format. I use the term "citizen journalism" as connected with OhmyNews but most of the Exeter TV video on YouTube so far is about music performance.

My own business model is to concentrate on text, mostly as hosted by Blogger at almost no cost. More Google ads may appear where I can put them. Google / YouTube seems the best bet in the void without the BBC. Not that there cannot be a conversation with the Daily Mail etc.

For example, coming up soon the Two Short Nights Festival. Friday and Saturday at the Phoenix. Includes music video from Future Shorts. Could be animation or combined with other forms. Music is likely to be the basis for video but I also think that gallery art could be included. Flat images on a wall or page, that sort of thing. So far it is harder to get permission to film but this may change. Jo Gedrych is open to experiment with the images currently on display at Life Bytes on Sidwell Street. There could be other tests.

I will try to at least take some stills during the Two Short Nights. Link suggestions welcome.

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