Thursday, March 22, 2007

Future Shorts arrives at the Phoenix

Last night was the first occasion Future Shorts showed at the Phoenix. There is usually at least one animation. This time 'Last Train Ride' directed by Gokhan Okur from Turkey. Apparently illustration, maybe computers were in there somehow. Well integrated with the soundtrack from Jigsaw Soul. Many of the Future Shorts are online at full length. This one is hosted by Atom Films

You may have to wait for an ad

Or here if you have Quicktime.

In my opinion not much is lost by putting content online. It is a bit obvious that the Phoenix screen is a better place to view something. Online is ok but is mostly promotion for something else. There may be a short pause for discussion on this next time before the 8pm film. I will be in the bar somewhere. Meanwhile please leave a comment unless this is just obvious for most people and I am going on about it out of habit.

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