Saturday, January 06, 2007

Photos start to link the 'North' and the Globe

Animated Exeter has already started in that there is an exhibit at Spacex which will continue till 24 Feb. 'The NORTH' combines watercolour based on space photos with blown-up inkjet images from a mobile phone. The 'North' seems to be a romantic destination somewhere beyond the city.

During Feb there will be workshops at Spacex creating animation from mobile phone images. Maybe there will be hard copy results as well.

Meanwhile at Life Bytes on Sidwell Street there is ample web access and most software required for graphics including video. Not far away is the Globe where some short films will be shown for people who have not already seen them at the Phoenix.

Exeter Television is based at Life Bytes so may add a report during Animated Exeter. My guess is that there will be informal discussion on this at the Globe.

I have done a selection of photos that may show some connections. They are on Flicr with a Creative Commons copyright so feel free to reuse if you put in a link.

The photos

The slideshow

Animation has to start somewhere. More later.

Suggest "animx07" as tag for future stuff.

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